It works like magic

Sitemagic CMS is an amazing platform for building stunning web designs and mobile experiences.


Your business

Sitemagic helps you grow your business by providing the right tools for your online presence.
Whether you work as a creative professionel or run a small coffee shop, Sitemagic will help you build a stunning experience for your customers.

 I had the design done in about half an hour and the text and images added in another couple of hours. I have customers asking me which agency built my website - it's that great 
- Stina Larsen



Never miss a potential customer or client. Sitemagic CMS automatically adapts to the device being used, making sure all your customers have a great experience on your website - it works like magic.



Designing and editing

With the new designer and the content editor, anyone can build a professional and great looking website.



Professional photographers choose Sitemagic CMS because of the awesome Photos extension called Image Montage which beautifully lays out the photos in random order and size (configurable) - every visit is a new experience.



Sitemagic CMS has lots of great features such as contact forms, galleries, rating, file sharing, comment box, password protected pages, and more. But if the built-in features are not sufficient, simply extend Sitemagic using External Modules.



Open and free

Sitemagic CMS is super flexible. In fact, it has a super modern architecture allowing for extensions (plugins) and design templates (themes) to be installed.
If you are a developer, you can write your own extensions and design templates. If not, you can embed a world of plugins using External Modules which allows for e.g. Videos, Maps, Social Media plugins, and much more.
Did we mention that Sitemagic CMS is open source and free? The website you create belongs to you - for all eternity.